S.C. TEHNOREX INTERNATIONAL S.A. was founded in 1994 as a joint stock company.The company managed to establish itself on the Romanian market of ships repair, port equipment and construction of technical and auxiliary ships in the entrepreneurial regime,due to the high degree of outstandin gprofessionalism and quality of products and services.

               S.C TEHNOREX INTERNATIONAL S.A. repairs ships and portequipment.Repair works are carried out in accordance with national regulations issued by the Romanian Naval Authority and international regulations (SOLAS Convention 74`) for ships and for port facilities in accordance with technical rules of ISCIR. The works are supervised by the representative of the beneficiary and if necessary, may require surveillance and execution phases from an RNA (Romanian Naval Authority) or ISCIR expert. After completing the works, tests are performed and measurement tabels are issued presenting the quality certificates for materials that were used in the process.



             In the case of shipbuilding S.C. TEHNOREX INTERNATIONAL S.A. operates as a general entrepreneur in consortium with three other specialized companies and certified for quality management : S.C. SHIP DESIGN GROUP S.R.L GALATI for ship design,S.C. SANTIERUL NAVAL MANGALIA S.A .for hull construction and S.C. INTERSAT RADIO S.R.L. CONSTANTA for radio-communications equipment, S.C. TEHNOREX INTERNATIONAL S.A performing specific work of arming the ship (electrical and mechanical work in engine room and deck). Execution,approval, supervision and reception is performed in accordance with technical standards and legal regulations. Outsourced processes are kept under control by periodic evaluation of subcontractor firms,by imposing conditions for the implementation of quality management systems ISO 9001, and the eception of works carried out unde rspecific contractual requirements and regulations.